Who Is the Main Character in Assassination Classroom


Who Is the Main Character in Assassination Classroom?

Assassination Classroom is a popular manga and anime series created by YĆ«sei Matsui. The story revolves around a unique premise where a powerful tentacled creature, known as Koro-sensei, becomes the homeroom teacher of Class 3-E at Kunugigaoka Junior High School. The students are tasked with the challenge of assassinating Koro-sensei before he destroys the Earth. However, amidst the action-packed storyline and diverse cast of characters, one may wonder who the true main character of the series is.

The main character of Assassination Classroom can be speculated to be Nagisa Shiota. Nagisa is a reserved and observant student who possesses exceptional skills in assassination techniques. He is often seen as the character with the most character development and screen time throughout the series. From the very beginning, Nagisa is portrayed as the underdog who gradually grows into a formidable assassin, making him a central figure in the narrative.

Nagisa’s journey in Assassination Classroom is marked by his journey to discover his true potential, both academically and as an assassin. He starts off as a quiet and unassuming character, often underestimated by his classmates. As the story progresses, Nagisa’s skills and intelligence shine through, proving himself to be a force to be reckoned with. His growth, both in terms of physical abilities and personal development, makes him the standout character in the series.

Additionally, Nagisa’s relationship with Koro-sensei is a significant aspect of the story. Koro-sensei takes a special interest in Nagisa, recognizing his potential and nurturing his talents. The dynamic between the two characters is a driving force behind the plot, as Koro-sensei becomes a mentor figure to Nagisa. Their bond goes beyond the classroom, as they share personal moments and revelations that shape Nagisa’s character arc.

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Furthermore, Nagisa’s interactions with his classmates play a crucial role in establishing him as the main character. He forms close friendships with various students in Class 3-E, supporting and encouraging them in their quest to assassinate Koro-sensei. Nagisa’s empathy and understanding make him a relatable character, as he becomes the emotional backbone of the group, providing guidance and support when needed.


Q: Is Koro-sensei not the main character of Assassination Classroom?
A: While Koro-sensei plays a significant role in the story, the focus of the narrative primarily revolves around Nagisa Shiota. Koro-sensei serves as a catalyst for Nagisa’s growth and development, making Nagisa the main character.

Q: Are there other notable characters in Assassination Classroom?
A: Yes, Assassination Classroom features a diverse cast of characters, each with their unique personalities and abilities. Notable characters include Karma Akabane, a skilled fighter, and Nagisa’s close friend, and Tadaomi Karasuma, the professional teacher who assists the students in their assassination training.

Q: What makes Nagisa Shiota stand out as the main character?
A: Nagisa’s character arc, growth, and relationships with Koro-sensei and his classmates differentiate him as the main character. His journey from an underdog to a skilled assassin, combined with his relatability and emotional depth, solidify his position as the focal point of the story.

In conclusion, Nagisa Shiota can be considered the main character of Assassination Classroom. His growth, relationships, and personal journey make him the central figure in the series. While Koro-sensei and other characters play crucial roles, it is Nagisa’s character arc and development that drive the narrative forward, making him a compelling protagonist in this action-packed manga and anime series.

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