Where to Put Tassel on Graduation Cap


Where to Put Tassel on Graduation Cap: A Guide with FAQs

Graduation day is a monumental occasion for students, filled with a sense of accomplishment and the excitement of new beginnings. One of the iconic symbols of this event is the graduation cap, also known as a mortarboard. Adorned with a tassel that signifies the graduate’s achievement, the positioning of this tassel holds a significant meaning. In this article, we will explore where to put the tassel on a graduation cap and answer some frequently asked questions related to this tradition.

Where to Put the Tassel:

Traditionally, the tassel on a graduation cap is placed on the right side before the commencement ceremony begins. This position symbolizes the transition from candidate to graduate. However, there are a few variations to this tradition, depending on the level of education and the specific institution. Let’s take a closer look at each scenario:

High School Graduation:
For high school graduates, the tassel is initially placed on the right side of the graduation cap before the ceremony begins. However, once all graduates are announced and the diplomas are awarded, there is often a designated moment where everyone is instructed to move the tassel to the left side. This gesture signifies the official transition from candidate to graduate.

College and University Graduation:
At the college and university level, the initial position of the tassel is also on the right side before the ceremony commences. However, the tassel remains on the right side throughout the ceremony and only shifted to the left side once the graduate is officially declared as a graduate. This is typically done by the university president or another authorized figure during the presentation of diplomas.

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Graduate School and Doctoral Graduation:
Graduate school and doctoral graduations typically follow the same tradition as college and university graduations. The tassel is positioned on the right side during the entire ceremony and then moved to the left side when the graduate is officially recognized.

Additional Tips:

– When wearing the graduation cap, ensure that it is level and sits comfortably on your head. The front of the cap should rest about an inch above your eyebrows.

– The tassel should hang straight down from the center of the graduation cap, aligned with the midpoint of your forehead. This creates a balanced and symmetrical look.

– Avoid attaching any additional accessories or decorations to the graduation cap that may interfere with the proper placement of the tassel.

– If you have received honors or special recognition, such as cum laude or magna cum laude, check with your institution on whether there are specific instructions regarding the placement or color of the tassel.


Q: Can I wear the tassel on the left side from the beginning?
A: While it is a common practice in some countries, such as the United Kingdom, to wear the tassel on the left side from the beginning, most institutions in the United States follow the tradition of starting with the tassel on the right side.

Q: Can I keep the tassel as a keepsake?
A: Absolutely! Many graduates choose to keep their tassels as a memento of their achievement. After the ceremony, you can detach the tassel from the cap and place it in a safe place, such as a graduation memory box or a framed display.

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Q: Can I decorate the tassel?
A: It is generally recommended to keep the tassel in its original form. However, some institutions might allow customization within certain guidelines. Check with your school’s regulations or graduation committee if you wish to personalize your tassel.

Q: What should I do if my tassel falls off during the ceremony?
A: If your tassel falls off accidentally, it is appropriate to discreetly pick it up and reattach it on the right side. If the mishap occurs during the tassel transfer to the left side, it is acceptable to wait until after the ceremony to fix it.

Graduation day is an unforgettable milestone, and the placement of the tassel on the graduation cap holds a symbolic meaning. By following the traditions of your institution and ensuring proper positioning, you can proudly wear your cap and tassel as a testament to your hard work and academic accomplishments. Congratulations, graduate!