Where Do Graduation Pins Go


Where Do Graduation Pins Go?

Graduation is a momentous occasion in a student’s life, marking the end of a significant chapter and the beginning of new adventures. It is a time to celebrate achievements, reminisce about years spent in pursuit of knowledge, and embrace the future with open arms. As a symbol of this milestone, graduation pins hold great significance. But where do these pins go after the ceremony? In this article, we will explore the different places where graduation pins find their rightful place, along with some frequently asked questions about these cherished keepsakes.

1. Graduation Gown:
One of the most common places to display graduation pins is on the graduation gown itself. The left lapel of the gown is a popular spot for placing pins and badges, including the graduation pin. Whether it is a school emblem, an academic honor, or a personal achievement, these pins add a touch of pride and accomplishment to the graduation attire. They serve as a visual representation of the hard work, dedication, and perseverance that led to this momentous day.

2. Display Case:
Another option for showcasing graduation pins is a display case. Many graduates choose to preserve their pins in a display case, allowing them to be admired by friends, family, and future generations. Display cases come in various sizes and styles, ranging from simple frames with a glass cover to elaborate shadow boxes. Placing graduation pins in a display case not only protects them from dust and damage but also creates a beautiful reminder of the graduate’s accomplishments.

3. Memory Board:
For those who prefer a more interactive way of showcasing graduation pins, a memory board can be an excellent choice. A memory board is a collage-style arrangement of photos, mementos, and other items that hold sentimental value. Including graduation pins on a memory board allows them to become part of a larger story, surrounded by cherished memories and significant moments. This option adds a personal touch to the display, as friends and family can contribute their own photos and messages.

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4. Jewelry:
Some graduation pins are designed to be worn as jewelry, allowing graduates to carry their achievements with them wherever they go. These pins are often crafted with intricate details and can be worn as pendants on necklaces or as brooches on clothing. Wearing a graduation pin as jewelry is a subtle yet elegant way to showcase one’s accomplishments and spark conversations about the journey to graduation.


Q: Can graduation pins be customized?
A: Yes, many graduation pins can be customized to include personal details such as the graduate’s name, graduation year, or specific achievements. Customization options vary depending on the pin’s design and the manufacturer’s offerings.

Q: Are there specific guidelines for placing graduation pins on a gown?
A: While there are no strict rules, it is common practice to place graduation pins on the left lapel of the gown, near the heart. Ensure that the pin is securely attached without damaging the fabric.

Q: Can graduation pins be shared or passed down through generations?
A: Yes, graduation pins can be shared or passed down as family heirlooms. They hold sentimental value and can serve as a reminder of the shared experiences and achievements of previous generations.

Q: Are there alternative ways to display graduation pins?
A: Yes, apart from the mentioned options, graduates can also consider framing their graduation pins alongside their diploma, creating a shadow box with other significant mementos, or incorporating them into a scrapbook or photo album.

Q: Can graduation pins be worn after graduation?
A: Absolutely! Graduation pins can be worn on various occasions to showcase one’s achievements and celebrate their educational journey. They can be worn during alumni events, professional conferences, or any gathering where graduates wish to display their accomplishments proudly.

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In conclusion, graduation pins hold a special place in a graduate’s heart and can be displayed in a variety of ways. Whether on a graduation gown, in a display case, on a memory board, or as jewelry, these pins symbolize the hard work and dedication that led to this important milestone. As graduates embark on new adventures, their graduation pins will serve as a constant reminder of their achievements and the memories associated with their educational journey.