When Do Mexican Students Attend School?


When Do Mexican Students Attend School?

Education plays a vital role in shaping the future of a nation, and Mexico is no exception. The Mexican education system focuses on providing quality education to its students, ensuring they have the necessary skills and knowledge to thrive in the modern world. To achieve this, it is essential to understand when Mexican students attend school. In this article, we will explore the school schedule in Mexico, including the different levels of education and the typical daily routine of students.

The Mexican education system is divided into three levels: basic education, upper secondary education, and higher education. Basic education consists of preschool, primary school, and lower secondary school, which are mandatory for all children.

Preschool, also known as preescolar, is the first stage of education in Mexico. It is not compulsory, but the majority of children attend preschool from the age of three. Preschools generally operate for a half-day, either in the morning or afternoon, and the academic year typically starts in August and ends in July.

Primary school, or educación primaria, is mandatory for all children aged six to twelve. It lasts for six years, divided into three grades: first, second, and third cycle. Primary schools usually operate from Monday to Friday, and the academic year follows a similar schedule to preschool, starting in August and ending in July. The school day typically begins at 8:00 am and ends at 1:00 pm, with a lunch break in between.

Lower secondary school, known as educación secundaria, is compulsory for all students aged twelve to fifteen. It consists of three years, divided into three grades: first, second, and third. The academic year starts in August and ends in July, similar to preschool and primary school. Lower secondary schools usually operate from Monday to Friday, with a daily schedule from 8:00 am to 2:30 pm, including short breaks for recess and lunch.

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After completing lower secondary school, students have the option to pursue upper secondary education, also called educación media superior. This level includes various types of schools, such as general high schools, technical high schools, and vocational schools. The academic year for upper secondary education starts in August and ends in July, following a similar pattern to the previous levels. However, the daily schedule may vary depending on the type of school and the courses chosen by the students.

Finally, higher education in Mexico refers to tertiary education, including universities and technical institutes. The academic year typically starts in August or September and ends in May or June, depending on the institution. The daily schedule for higher education varies greatly, with some students having morning classes, while others may have afternoon or evening classes, depending on their chosen program and availability.


Q: Are weekends included in the school schedule?
A: No, weekends (Saturday and Sunday) are generally free for students at all levels of education in Mexico.

Q: Do Mexican students have school holidays?
A: Yes, Mexican students have several holidays throughout the academic year. The most significant break is during the summer vacation, which usually lasts for about six weeks, from mid-July to the end of August.

Q: Are there any national holidays when schools are closed?
A: Yes, schools in Mexico are closed on national holidays, such as Independence Day (September 16), Revolution Day (November 20), and Constitution Day (February 5).

Q: Is there a mid-term break during the academic year?
A: Some schools in Mexico have a mid-term break, usually lasting for one week, around the halfway point of the academic year. However, this may vary depending on the school and region.

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In conclusion, Mexican students attend school from a young age, starting with preschool and progressing through primary school, lower secondary school, upper secondary education, and higher education. The school schedule in Mexico generally follows a pattern of Monday to Friday attendance, with specific daily schedules varying at each level. Understanding the education system and the school schedule is crucial for both students and parents in Mexico to ensure a successful academic journey.