What Side Tassel Before Graduation


What Side Tassel Before Graduation?

Graduation is a significant milestone in one’s academic journey, symbolizing the culmination of years of hard work and dedication. It is a time of celebration and pride, and one of the most iconic elements of this event is the graduation cap and tassel. While the cap is worn by all graduates, the tassel placement holds a special significance. Many wonder, “What side tassel before graduation?” In this article, we will explore the tradition behind tassel placement and answer some frequently asked questions.

The tradition of wearing a graduation cap and tassel dates back to the 12th century when scholars began to don caps and robes during academic ceremonies. Over time, various customs and symbols were added, including the placement of the tassel. The tassel is typically worn on the right side of the cap before graduation begins.

The position of the tassel holds a symbolic meaning. Initially, the tassel was placed on the left side of the cap for the majority of the ceremony. However, upon receiving the diploma or degree, graduates move the tassel to the right side. This act signifies the transition from candidate to graduate, marking the completion of their academic journey.

Moving the tassel from left to right is a moment of great importance and is often accompanied by applause and cheers from family and friends in attendance. It serves as a visual representation of the achievement and success that the graduate has attained throughout their educational endeavors.


1. Why is the tassel initially placed on the right side before graduation?
The initial placement of the tassel on the right side before graduation signifies that the wearer is still a candidate and has not yet officially graduated. It serves as a reminder of the journey they have taken and the goal they are about to achieve.

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2. When should I move my tassel from right to left?
The tassel should be moved from right to left once you have received your diploma or degree during the graduation ceremony. This act signifies your official transition from candidate to graduate.

3. Can I wear the tassel on the left side throughout the ceremony?
While it is traditional to wear the tassel on the right side before graduation, some institutions might have different customs or variations. It is essential to check with your specific school or college to ensure you are following the correct protocol.

4. What if I forget to move my tassel during the ceremony?
If you forget to move your tassel from right to left during the ceremony, there is no need to worry. You can always do it afterward or during the celebratory photoshoots. The gesture holds personal significance, and you can still enjoy the symbolic act of transitioning from candidate to graduate.

5. Can I keep the tassel as a memento?
Absolutely! The tassel serves as a cherished keepsake, representing your hard work and accomplishment. Many graduates choose to keep their tassel as a tangible reminder of their academic journey and the memories associated with graduation day.

In conclusion, the placement of the tassel before graduation holds great significance. While it is traditionally worn on the right side of the cap, it symbolizes the transition from candidate to graduate when moved to the left side. This act serves as a visual representation of the achievement and success attained throughout the academic journey. So, when asked, “What side tassel before graduation?” remember that it is on the right side, symbolizing the culmination of years of hard work and dedication.

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