What Season Does Rory Graduate From Chilton


What Season Does Rory Graduate From Chilton?

Rory Gilmore, the beloved protagonist of the hit television series Gilmore Girls, is known for her intelligence, ambition, and dedication to her studies. Throughout the show’s seven seasons, viewers witness Rory’s journey from a high school student at Chilton Preparatory School to a college graduate. But in which season does Rory finally don her cap and gown and bid farewell to Chilton? Let’s dive into the details.

Rory’s journey at Chilton begins in the first season of Gilmore Girls. As a teenager with big dreams of attending an Ivy League university, she enrolls at Chilton, a prestigious private school located in Hartford, Connecticut. The rigorous academic environment at Chilton tests Rory’s resolve and pushes her to excel in her studies.

As the show progresses, viewers witness Rory’s growth and development, both academically and personally. She builds strong relationships with her classmates and teachers, including her close bond with her English teacher, Mr. Medina. Rory’s dedication to her education is evident as she tackles challenging coursework, participates in extracurricular activities, and even takes on leadership roles.

After navigating through various ups and downs, Rory finally reaches her senior year at Chilton in the third season of the show. This pivotal season sees her juggling the pressures of college applications, standardized tests, and maintaining her stellar academic record. Rory’s determination and hard work pay off when she receives acceptance letters from multiple prestigious universities.

In the season finale of the third season, titled “Those Are Strings, Pinocchio,” Rory’s journey at Chilton culminates in her graduation ceremony. The episode showcases the bittersweet moments leading up to the big day, as Rory reflects on her time at Chilton and prepares to bid farewell to her friends, teachers, and the familiar halls of the school that shaped her.

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As Rory dons her cap and gown, surrounded by her loved ones, she delivers a heartfelt valedictorian speech that encapsulates her growth and gratitude for her Chilton experience. This moment marks a significant milestone in Rory’s life and sets the stage for her next chapter: attending the renowned Yale University.


1. What season does Rory transfer to Chilton?
Rory transfers to Chilton in the first season of Gilmore Girls. Prior to attending Chilton, she attended Stars Hollow High School.

2. How long does Rory attend Chilton?
Rory attends Chilton for three years, from her sophomore year to her senior year of high school.

3. Does Rory graduate as valedictorian?
Yes, Rory graduates as valedictorian of her Chilton class. Her exceptional academic performance and commitment to her studies earn her this prestigious honor.

4. Which episode features Rory’s graduation from Chilton?
Rory’s graduation from Chilton is depicted in the season finale of the third season of Gilmore Girls, titled “Those Are Strings, Pinocchio.”

5. What college does Rory attend after graduating from Chilton?
After graduating from Chilton, Rory goes on to attend Yale University, fulfilling her dream of studying at an Ivy League institution.

In conclusion, Rory Gilmore graduates from Chilton Preparatory School in the third season of Gilmore Girls. Her journey at Chilton showcases her determination, hard work, and growth as she navigates the challenges of a rigorous academic environment. Rory’s graduation marks a significant milestone in her life and sets the stage for her next adventure at Yale University.