What Is the Sash You Wear at Graduation Called


What Is the Sash You Wear at Graduation Called?

Graduation day is an exciting and momentous occasion in a student’s life. It marks the culmination of years of hard work and dedication. During this memorable event, students wear a variety of regalia to symbolize their academic achievements. One such accessory is the sash, a colorful and meaningful garment that holds great significance. In this article, we will explore the origins, purpose, and types of graduation sashes. We will also address some frequently asked questions related to this cherished graduation accessory.

Origins of the Graduation Sash:

The history of the graduation sash can be traced back to ancient times. In various cultures, sashes were worn to signify achievements, leadership, and honor. In academia, the graduation sash gained popularity during the medieval period when scholars would wear them to distinguish themselves and showcase their academic accomplishments. Over time, the tradition of wearing a sash at graduation has evolved and become an integral part of the commencement ceremony.

Purpose of the Graduation Sash:

The graduation sash serves multiple purposes. Firstly, it is a visual representation of a student’s academic achievements and honors. Different colors and designs on the sash denote various academic disciplines, honors, or societies. Secondly, the sash adds a touch of elegance and formality to the graduation attire, elevating the overall appearance of the graduates. Lastly, the sash acts as a memento and reminder of the hard work and dedication put into achieving academic goals.

Types of Graduation Sashes:

There are several types of graduation sashes available, each with its own significance. Let’s explore a few common types:

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1. Academic Sashes: These sashes are worn to represent a specific field of study. Different colors are associated with different academic disciplines. For example, a blue sash might represent a degree in science or technology, while a yellow sash may symbolize a degree in liberal arts.

2. Honor Society Sashes: Honor societies often have their own designated sashes. These sashes are worn by students who have excelled academically and have been invited to join prestigious honor societies. These sashes often feature the society’s colors and insignia.

3. International Sashes: Some universities provide international students with sashes representing their home countries. These sashes allow students to proudly display their cultural heritage during the graduation ceremony.

4. Stole of Gratitude: The stole of gratitude, also known as the stole of appreciation, is a special sash that allows graduates to express their thanks to influential individuals who have supported them throughout their educational journey. It is worn to acknowledge the support of mentors, friends, or family members.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Do all graduates wear sashes at graduation?
A: No, not all graduates wear sashes. The decision to wear a sash is usually optional, and it depends on the individual’s academic achievements or participation in honor societies.

Q: Can I personalize my graduation sash?
A: Yes, many companies offer personalized sashes that allow you to add your name, degree, or any other special details. This customization adds a personal touch to your graduation attire.

Q: How do I wear a graduation sash?
A: The graduation sash is typically draped over the shoulder and across the chest, with both ends hanging evenly on each side. It is worn on top of the graduation gown, usually secured with a pin or Velcro.

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Q: Can I keep my graduation sash as a keepsake?
A: Absolutely! The graduation sash serves as a cherished memento of your educational journey. It is common for graduates to keep their sashes as a symbol of their accomplishments and memories.

In conclusion, the graduation sash is a significant accessory that carries deep meaning and symbolism. It represents academic achievements, honors, and serves as a reminder of the hard work put into obtaining a degree. From academic sashes to honor society sashes, there are various types available to showcase different accomplishments. Whether worn as a personal choice or a requirement, the graduation sash adds a touch of elegance and pride to the commencement ceremony, making it a truly memorable occasion for graduates and their loved ones.