Three Houses How to Recruit Students


Three Houses: How to Recruit Students

Fire Emblem: Three Houses is a tactical role-playing game that offers players the unique opportunity to recruit and train students from different houses in the prestigious Officer’s Academy. As a professor, it is your responsibility to guide and mentor these students, shaping them into formidable warriors and leaders. Recruiting students from other houses not only expands your roster of units but also allows you to explore their unique stories and abilities. In this article, we will provide you with a comprehensive guide on how to recruit students effectively and answer some frequently asked questions about the process.

Recruitment Requirements

Recruiting students in Three Houses requires fulfilling certain requirements that vary from character to character. These requirements can be categorized into three main aspects: skill levels, support levels, and specific events.

1. Skill Levels: Each student has specific skill requirements that you must meet to recruit them. These skills can range from weapon proficiency to specific stat levels. To increase your chances of recruiting a student, focus on leveling up the required skills. Utilize your instruction time wisely and prioritize raising the skills that are necessary for recruitment.

2. Support Levels: Building support levels with students is crucial for recruitment. Support conversations offer opportunities to deepen your bond with characters, and reaching a certain support level with them increases the chances of them joining your house. Spend time interacting with students during exploration, participating in activities they enjoy, and giving them gifts to improve your support levels.

3. Specific Events: Some characters have specific events or conditions that need to be fulfilled for recruitment. These events can include completing certain quests, participating in paralogues, or even making specific dialogue choices during story events. Pay close attention to these events and ensure that you meet the requirements to recruit the desired students.

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Recruitable Characters from Each House

Here is a list of recruitable characters from each house along with their recruitment requirements:

1. Black Eagles:
– Bernadetta: Requires high Bow and Strength stats.
– Petra: Requires high Dexterity and Riding stats.
– Dorothea: Requires high Charm and Authority stats.
– Caspar: Requires high Brawling and Strength stats.
– Linhardt: Requires high Faith and Magic stats.

2. Blue Lions:
– Ingrid: Requires high Dexterity and Flying stats.
– Sylvain: Requires high Charm and Reason stats.
– Felix: Requires high Sword and Speed stats.
– Mercedes: Requires high Bow and Magic stats.
– Annette: Requires high Authority and Magic stats.

3. Golden Deer:
– Lysithea: Requires high Faith and Magic stats.
– Marianne: Requires high Riding and Magic stats.
– Leonie: Requires high Lance and Strength stats.
– Hilda: Requires high Axe and Charm stats.
– Raphael: Requires high Heavy Armor and Strength stats.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Is it possible to recruit all students from different houses?
A: Yes, it is possible to recruit students from different houses, but keep in mind that recruiting all characters may require multiple playthroughs or new game plus features.

Q2: Can I recruit characters from other houses after the time skip?
A: No, the opportunity to recruit students from other houses ends after the time skip. Make sure to recruit desired characters before reaching that point in the game.

Q3: How many students can I recruit per playthrough?
A: The number of students you can recruit depends on your professor level and the amount of time you invest in raising support levels and meeting recruitment requirements. On average, players can recruit around 6-8 students per playthrough.

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Q4: What happens if I fail to recruit a student?
A: If you fail to recruit a student, they will remain in their original house and become your opponent on the battlefield. However, it is still possible to build support with them and potentially recruit them in future playthroughs.

In conclusion, recruiting students in Fire Emblem: Three Houses adds depth and variety to your gameplay experience. By focusing on skill levels, support levels, and specific events, you can successfully recruit students from other houses, expanding your roster and unlocking unique storylines. Remember to plan your recruitment strategy carefully and invest time in building relationships with desired characters. Good luck, professor!

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