How to Wear the Tassel for Graduation


How to Wear the Tassel for Graduation – A Complete Guide

Graduation day is a significant milestone in every student’s life. It’s a day filled with excitement, achievement, and pride. As you prepare for this special event, one essential aspect to consider is how to properly wear your graduation tassel. In this article, we will provide you with a complete guide on how to wear the tassel for graduation, including a FAQ section to address any doubts you may have.

The Basics of Wearing the Tassel
Before we dive into the details, let’s cover the basics of wearing the tassel. The tassel is a decorative cord made of threads that hang from a cap or mortarboard. It is usually worn on the right side of the cap and shifted to the left side during the graduation ceremony. This simple act symbolizes the transition from candidate to graduate.

Step-by-Step Guide to Wearing the Tassel
Now, let’s walk you through the step-by-step process of wearing the tassel for graduation.

1. Place the Cap Correctly: Ensure that the cap is placed squarely on your head, with the mortarboard parallel to the ground. The front of the cap should align with your forehead.

2. Locate the Tassel: Locate the tassel, which is usually attached to a button or loop on the top-center of the cap.

3. Position the Tassel: Initially, position the tassel on the right side of the cap, aligned with your temple.

4. Follow the Ceremony Protocol: During the graduation ceremony, you will be instructed by the speaker or the ceremony leader to shift the tassel from the right side to the left side. This usually happens after you receive your diploma or when the entire class is declared graduates.

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5. Shift the Tassel: Using your right hand, gently move the tassel from the right side of the cap to the left side. Some people choose to do this at the exact moment they are declared graduates, while others wait for a cue from the ceremony leader.

6. Celebrate!: Once you have shifted the tassel to the left side, celebrate and enjoy the moment! You have officially graduated!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
To address any further queries you might have, we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions about wearing graduation tassels.

Q1. Can I wear the tassel on the left side from the beginning of the ceremony?
A1. No, traditionally, the tassel is worn on the right side until you are instructed to shift it to the left.

Q2. What if my cap doesn’t have a button or loop for the tassel?
A2. If your cap doesn’t have a designated spot for the tassel, you can use a bobby pin or a small safety pin to attach it securely.

Q3. Can I keep the tassel after the graduation ceremony?
A3. Absolutely! The tassel is a cherished keepsake of your graduation day. Many graduates choose to frame it or incorporate it into a shadow box along with their diploma or other graduation memorabilia.

Q4. Can I customize my tassel colors?
A4. The color of the tassel generally represents your field of study. However, some schools or universities may have specific tassel colors for various honors or achievements. It is best to consult your institution’s guidelines to ensure accuracy.

Q5. Should I wear the tassel on the left side while taking photographs before the ceremony?
A5. It is customary to wear the tassel on the right side until the official ceremony begins. However, if you wish to capture some pre-ceremony photos with the tassel on the left side, it is entirely up to you.

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Q6. Can I switch the tassel to the right side after the ceremony?
A6. Once the tassel has been shifted to the left side, it is typically left there for the remainder of the day. However, there are no strict rules, and some graduates might choose to switch it back to the right side afterward.

Wearing the graduation tassel correctly is a small yet significant aspect of your graduation day. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you will be able to confidently wear your tassel and symbolize your transition from candidate to graduate. Remember to cherish the memories associated with your tassel and celebrate your achievement. Congratulations, graduate!