How to Wear Graduation Cords


How to Wear Graduation Cords

Graduation cords are a symbolic accessory worn during commencement ceremonies to recognize academic achievements, club memberships, or leadership roles. These cords come in various colors and styles, each representing a different achievement or affiliation. If you are unsure about how to properly wear your graduation cords, this guide will provide you with step-by-step instructions to ensure you wear them with pride and style.

Step 1: Understand the significance of your cords
Before you learn how to wear your graduation cords, it is crucial to understand what they represent. Typically, cords indicate honors, such as cum laude (honors), magna cum laude (high honors), or summa cum laude (highest honors). They may also represent participation in clubs, organizations, or specific academic disciplines. Each institution may have different colors and meanings, so it is essential to check with your school for specific guidelines.

Step 2: Determine the proper placement
Once you have identified the significance of your cords, it is time to determine where they should be worn. Graduation cords are usually worn around the neck, with the ends hanging down symmetrically on either side of the graduation gown. The cords should rest on top of the graduation stole or sash, if you are wearing one.

Step 3: Put on your graduation gown
Before attaching your cords, put on your graduation gown as instructed. Make sure it is properly zipped or buttoned up, and that it fits comfortably. The gown should be worn fully closed, with no gap showing.

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Step 4: Start with the honor cords
If you have received honor cords for academic achievements, such as cum laude or magna cum laude, these cords should be placed first. The honor cords are typically worn closest to the neck, with any other cords worn beneath them.

Step 5: Add any additional cords
If you have cords representing your involvement in clubs, organizations, or specific academic disciplines, these cords should be placed below the honor cords. It is important to arrange the cords symmetrically, with the ends of each cord hanging down equally on both sides.

Step 6: Secure the cords
To keep your cords in place and prevent them from shifting during the ceremony, you can use a small safety pin to attach them to the inside of your graduation gown. Make sure the cords are secure but not too tight, as you want to maintain a comfortable fit.

Step 7: Check your appearance
Once you have attached your graduation cords, take a moment to stand in front of a mirror and ensure they are properly aligned. Check that the cords are hanging straight and at an equal length on both sides. It is important to maintain a polished and professional appearance for your graduation ceremony.

FAQs about wearing graduation cords:

Q: Can I wear multiple cords of the same color?
A: Yes, if you have received multiple honors or achievements that are represented by cords of the same color, you can wear them all. Simply arrange them side by side, ensuring they are evenly spaced and hang symmetrically.

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Q: Can I wear cords from previous achievements?
A: Yes, wearing cords from previous achievements is a great way to showcase your accomplishments. However, it is important to note that some institutions may have specific guidelines on which cords are allowed to be worn. Check with your school’s graduation office for clarification.

Q: Can I wear cords with a stole or sash?
A: Yes, graduation cords are typically worn on top of the graduation stole or sash. The cords should be placed directly on the neck, with the stole or sash layered on top. Ensure that the cords are still visible and not hidden underneath the stole or sash.

Q: Do all universities use graduation cords?
A: While graduation cords are common in many universities and colleges, not all institutions utilize them. Some schools may have alternative ways to recognize academic achievements or club affiliations. It is best to check with your institution to determine if cords are a part of your graduation ceremony.

Q: Can I keep my graduation cords as a keepsake?
A: Absolutely! Graduation cords serve as a tangible reminder of your accomplishments and the hard work you put into your education. Many graduates choose to keep their cords as a memento of their academic journey. Store them in a safe place to preserve their condition and sentimental value.

In conclusion, wearing graduation cords is a way to showcase your academic achievements and affiliations during your graduation ceremony. By following these steps, you can confidently wear your cords with pride and style. Remember, graduation is a significant milestone, and your cords represent your accomplishments, so wear them with confidence and celebrate your achievements!

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