How to Wear a Graduation Tassel


How to Wear a Graduation Tassel: A Symbol of Achievement

Graduation is an exciting time for students as they embark on a new chapter in their lives. One of the most symbolic accessories worn during this momentous event is the graduation tassel. Not only does it serve as a reminder of years of hard work and dedication, but it also holds sentimental value. In this article, we will guide you on how to wear a graduation tassel properly, ensuring you showcase your achievements with pride.

Step 1: Understanding the Significance of the Graduation Tassel

Before we delve into the specifics of how to wear a graduation tassel, let’s take a moment to appreciate its meaning. The tassel is traditionally attached to the top of the graduation cap, also known as the mortarboard. It represents the academic accomplishments of the individual, symbolizing the transition from student to graduate. The color of the tassel often varies depending on the degree or field of study.

Step 2: Positioning the Graduation Cap

To wear the graduation tassel correctly, you must first position the graduation cap properly on your head. Place the cap squarely on your head, ensuring that the mortarboard is level and sits flat. The front of the cap should align with your forehead, while the back should sit comfortably on the nape of your neck.

Step 3: Placing the Tassel Initially

Initially, the tassel should be placed on the right side of the graduation cap. This signifies that you are still a candidate for graduation and have yet to receive your diploma. It is essential to remember this initial positioning as it sets the stage for the symbolic act of moving the tassel later in the ceremony.

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Step 4: Moving the Tassel

Once you have received your diploma and officially graduated, it is customary to move the tassel from the right side of the cap to the left side. This symbolic act represents the transition from candidate to graduate. The tassel should be moved by gently flipping it over to the left side of the cap. It is important to note that this should be done in unison with your fellow graduates, usually prompted by the commencement speaker or ceremony organizer.


Q: Can I wear the graduation tassel on my gown instead of the cap?
A: Although some individuals choose to wear the tassel on their gown, the traditional placement is on the cap. It is best to adhere to the established customs of your institution or follow the guidelines provided by your graduation ceremony organizers.

Q: Are there specific colors for different degrees or fields of study?
A: Yes, the color of the graduation tassel often varies based on the degree or field of study. For example, a gold tassel is commonly associated with science and engineering degrees, while blue may represent arts and humanities. Consult your institution’s guidelines or inquire with your academic advisor to ensure you choose the appropriate color.

Q: Can I personalize my graduation tassel?
A: Some institutions allow students to personalize their graduation tassels with additional charms or decorations. However, it is important to check with your institution’s guidelines before making any modifications. It is also advisable to keep any additional decorations subtle and respectful to maintain the formality of the ceremony.

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Q: What should I do with my graduation tassel after the ceremony?
A: Your graduation tassel holds sentimental value and serves as a reminder of your achievements. Many graduates choose to keep their tassels as keepsakes, placing them in a shadow box or displaying them in a special place. Alternatively, you may opt to donate or recycle your tassel to reduce waste.

Wearing a graduation tassel is a proud moment for any graduate. By following these simple steps and understanding the symbolism behind it, you can confidently wear your tassel and showcase your accomplishments as you embark on the next phase of your journey. Congratulations, graduate!