How to Do Bitmoji Classroom


How to Do Bitmoji Classroom: A Step-by-Step Guide

In recent times, remote learning has become a necessity for educators and students alike. To make the virtual learning experience more engaging and interactive, many teachers have turned to Bitmoji classrooms. Bitmoji classrooms are virtual spaces where educators can create personalized avatars and design a fun and interactive learning environment. If you’re interested in creating your own Bitmoji classroom, this step-by-step guide will walk you through the process.

Step 1: Create a Bitmoji Avatar
To begin, you’ll need to create your own Bitmoji avatar. Download the Bitmoji app on your smartphone and follow the prompts to create a personalized avatar that resembles you. You can customize everything from your hairstyle to your outfits, ensuring that your Bitmoji represents your unique personality.

Step 2: Install the Bitmoji Chrome Extension
To use your Bitmoji in your virtual classroom, you’ll need to install the Bitmoji Chrome extension on your web browser. Open the Chrome Web Store, search for “Bitmoji,” and click on the “Add to Chrome” button to install the extension. Once installed, you’ll see the Bitmoji icon in your browser toolbar.

Step 3: Design Your Bitmoji Classroom
Now it’s time to design your Bitmoji classroom. Open a blank Google Slide or PowerPoint and set it as your canvas. You can find a variety of pre-designed Bitmoji classroom templates online or create your own from scratch. Use the tools provided by the presentation software to add furniture, decorations, and educational elements to your classroom.

Step 4: Add Bitmoji Avatars and Links
Once you’ve designed your classroom, it’s time to add your Bitmoji avatars and interactive elements. Open the Bitmoji extension by clicking on its icon in your browser toolbar. Use the search bar to find Bitmoji stickers that represent various actions, such as reading a book, writing on a whiteboard, or participating in a group discussion. Drag and drop the Bitmoji stickers onto your slide to create interactive elements.

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To make your classroom functional, you can also add clickable links to external resources or assignments. Simply highlight the text or image you want to turn into a link, click on the “Insert Link” button, and enter the URL of the desired webpage or document.

Step 5: Customize Classroom Rules and Expectations
To promote a positive virtual learning environment, create a slide dedicated to classroom rules and expectations. Use text boxes or speech bubbles to communicate your guidelines clearly. You can also include visuals or Bitmoji stickers to make the slide more engaging.

Step 6: Share Your Bitmoji Classroom
Once your Bitmoji classroom is complete, it’s time to share it with your students. Export the presentation as a PDF or share the editing link with your students via email or a learning management system. Encourage them to explore the interactive elements, click on the links, and engage with the material.


Q: Can I use Bitmoji classrooms for all grade levels?
A: Absolutely! Bitmoji classrooms can be customized to suit the needs of students of all ages. From elementary school to high school, teachers can create engaging and interactive learning environments using Bitmoji classrooms.

Q: Can I use Bitmoji classrooms with any video conferencing platform?
A: Yes, you can use Bitmoji classrooms alongside any video conferencing platform. Simply share your screen during virtual classes to showcase your Bitmoji classroom and guide students through the interactive elements.

Q: Can I include assignments and assessments in my Bitmoji classroom?
A: While Bitmoji classrooms are primarily used for creating interactive learning environments, you can also include assignments and assessments by linking them to external resources. For example, you can link a Google Form for quizzes or a Google Doc for written assignments.

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Q: Are there any privacy concerns with Bitmoji classrooms?
A: When using Bitmoji classrooms, it’s important to consider student privacy. Ensure that you do not include any personal information or sensitive data in your classroom design. Additionally, familiarize yourself with your school’s policies regarding the use of third-party apps and platforms.

In conclusion, Bitmoji classrooms offer an exciting and engaging way to create virtual learning environments. By following these steps and customizing your Bitmoji classroom, you can make remote learning more interactive and enjoyable for your students. So, unleash your creativity, design your own Bitmoji classroom, and embark on a virtual learning adventure!