How Much Does Grammarly Premium Cost for Students


How Much Does Grammarly Premium Cost for Students?

Grammarly is an essential tool for students to improve their writing skills and ensure their work is error-free. With its advanced grammar checking and writing assistance features, Grammarly Premium has become a popular choice among students. However, many students wonder about the cost of Grammarly Premium and whether it fits within their budget. In this article, we will explore the pricing options for Grammarly Premium for students and answer some frequently asked questions.

Grammarly offers three pricing plans for individuals: Free, Premium, and Business. While the Free version of Grammarly provides basic grammar and spelling checks, Grammarly Premium offers more advanced features, including vocabulary enhancement, plagiarism detection, and style improvements. Let’s take a closer look at the cost of Grammarly Premium for students.

Monthly Subscription:
The monthly subscription plan is the most flexible option for students who may need Grammarly only for a short period. The cost of Grammarly Premium on a monthly basis is $29.95 per month. This plan allows students to use all the premium features of Grammarly for one month, and they can cancel their subscription at any time.

Quarterly Subscription:
For students who require Grammarly for a longer duration, the quarterly subscription plan is a more cost-effective option. This plan costs $19.98 per month, billed as one payment of $59.95 every three months. By opting for this plan, students can save over 30% compared to the monthly subscription.

Annual Subscription:
The annual subscription plan offers the best value for money for students who use Grammarly Premium regularly. Priced at $11.66 per month, billed as one payment of $139.95 every year, this plan provides a significant discount of over 60% compared to the monthly subscription. Students who choose this plan can enjoy all the premium features of Grammarly throughout the year without worrying about monthly payments.

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Grammarly for Educational Institutions:
Grammarly also provides special pricing options for educational institutions. This allows schools and universities to provide their students with access to Grammarly Premium at a discounted rate. The pricing for educational institutions varies based on the number of users and the duration of the subscription. Institutions interested in availing this option can contact Grammarly directly to discuss the pricing details.


Q1. Is Grammarly Premium worth the cost for students?
A1. Grammarly Premium offers a wide range of advanced features that can significantly improve a student’s writing skills. It provides suggestions for grammar, spelling, punctuation, and style errors, making it a valuable tool for students who want to submit error-free assignments. Additionally, its plagiarism detection feature helps students ensure the originality of their work. Considering these benefits, Grammarly Premium is definitely worth the cost for students.

Q2. Can students get Grammarly Premium for free?
A2. While Grammarly offers a free version, it has limited features compared to Grammarly Premium. However, students can earn access to Grammarly Premium for free by participating in the Grammarly Edu program through their educational institutions. This program allows students to access Grammarly Premium without any additional cost.

Q3. Can students share a Grammarly Premium subscription?
A3. No, Grammarly Premium does not allow sharing of accounts. Each Grammarly Premium subscription is meant for individual use only. Sharing an account is a violation of Grammarly’s terms of service and can lead to the suspension of the account.

Q4. Can students get a refund if they are not satisfied with Grammarly Premium?
A4. Grammarly offers a refund within ten days of the purchase date for annual and quarterly subscriptions. However, monthly subscriptions are non-refundable. To request a refund, students can contact Grammarly’s customer support team.

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In conclusion, Grammarly Premium is an excellent investment for students looking to enhance their writing skills and produce high-quality work. The cost of Grammarly Premium for students varies based on the subscription plan they choose. While the monthly plan costs $29.95, the quarterly plan costs $59.95, and the annual plan costs $139.95. Grammarly also offers special pricing for educational institutions. With its advanced features and the ability to catch grammar and style mistakes, Grammarly Premium can greatly benefit students in their academic pursuits.