How Does Teachers Pay Teachers Work


How Does Teachers Pay Teachers Work: Empowering Educators through Collaboration

Teachers Pay Teachers (TpT) is an online marketplace that allows educators to buy and sell educational resources. It was founded in 2006 by Paul Edelman, a former New York City public school teacher, and has since become a thriving platform for teachers worldwide. This article will explore how Teachers Pay Teachers works, highlighting its benefits for educators, and provide answers to frequently asked questions.

How it Works:

Teachers Pay Teachers provides a platform for teachers to sell their self-created educational resources such as lesson plans, worksheets, activities, and assessments. Educators can create their own online store on TpT, upload their materials, and set a price for each resource. The platform also allows teachers to offer free resources, which can help build their reputation and attract more buyers.

When teachers make a sale, they earn a royalty percentage of the selling price. The royalty rates vary depending on the seller’s membership level and the type of resource being sold. TpT takes care of the transaction process, including payment processing, customer support, and content hosting, allowing teachers to focus on creating and sharing quality materials.

Benefits for Educators:

1. Supplemental Income: Teachers Pay Teachers provides an opportunity for educators to monetize their hard work and creativity. By selling their resources, teachers can earn extra income to support themselves and their classrooms.

2. Collaboration and Networking: TpT fosters collaboration among educators from around the world. Teachers can connect with like-minded professionals, share ideas, and learn from each other’s expertise. This collaborative environment promotes professional growth and improvement in teaching practices.

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3. Teacher-Tested and Approved: All resources on Teachers Pay Teachers have been created by teachers for teachers. This ensures that the materials are classroom-tested and aligned with the needs of educators. Teachers can trust the quality and relevance of the resources they find on the platform.

4. Time-Saving: Teachers Pay Teachers saves educators time by providing them with ready-to-use resources. Instead of spending hours creating or searching for materials, teachers can find what they need on TpT and adapt it to their specific classroom needs. This allows teachers to focus more on instruction and student engagement.

5. Differentiated Instruction: TpT offers a wide variety of resources that cater to diverse student needs. Educators can find materials for different grade levels, subjects, and learning styles. This enables teachers to provide differentiated instruction and support for all students.


Q: How do I get started on Teachers Pay Teachers?
A: To get started, create an account on the TpT website. Once you have an account, you can set up your own online store, upload your resources, and start selling.

Q: Do I need to be a certified teacher to sell on TpT?
A: No, you do not need to be a certified teacher to sell on Teachers Pay Teachers. However, a background in education and experience in the classroom can be advantageous in creating valuable resources.

Q: How much can I earn on TpT?
A: Earnings on Teachers Pay Teachers vary depending on factors such as the quality of your resources, pricing strategy, and marketing efforts. Some teachers earn a substantial income, while others use TpT as a way to supplement their regular teaching salary.

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Q: Are the resources on TpT aligned with state standards?
A: Many resources on TpT are aligned with state standards, but not all of them. It’s important to carefully review the descriptions and previews of resources to ensure they meet your specific curriculum needs.

Q: Can I use resources from TpT for commercial purposes?
A: No, resources available on Teachers Pay Teachers are for educational purposes only. Buyers are granted a license to use the materials in their own classrooms, but they cannot resell or distribute them commercially.

In conclusion, Teachers Pay Teachers is a valuable platform that empowers educators by providing a marketplace for buying and selling educational resources. It offers numerous benefits, including supplemental income, collaboration opportunities, time-saving materials, and differentiated instruction options. Whether you are a teacher looking to earn extra income or a purchaser seeking quality resources, Teachers Pay Teachers is a valuable tool for the modern educator.